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Inspection & Maintenance

Without service and maintenance even the best fire fighting equipments might fail to function when required. A service and maintenance contract gives you :
Reduced risks of failure of equipment when the need arises - saving your investments and your business. Extended life from your equipment due to preventive maintenance visits.
Compliance with local fire office and insurance company requirements.
We offer a single maintenance contract for all the fire safety equipments/ systems installed in your premises - portable fire extinguishers, Automatic Fire Alarm Systems, Water based Fire fighting system, Gas based automatic flooding systems, Emergency lighting, Emergency Evacuation signages etc.
There are clear advantages by going for a single contract. The most important is the peace of mind that will come when you know that there will be no gaps or overlaps in your fire protection due to various agencies sharing different tasks.

Fire and Safety Training

    Fire and Safety Training
  • Evacuation.
  • How to operate Fire Extingusiher.
  • Differtent types of fires.
  • Basic fire fighting tips.

Filling of Fire Fighting Gases

We undertake job work for filling various fire fighting gases such as HFC227,HFC236,NOVEC123,Nitrogen,etc.We also provide filling of breathing Air Cylinders.

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